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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

*PE will be on a Friday until May half term- please make sure your child has their kit in school all week.*


The teacher in Year 3 is Miss Harris apart from on Wednesday morning when it is Miss Townly. We are lucky to be supported by our TA Mrs Elgey (Tuesday-Friday).


I have some exciting topic days and trips planned for this year and I am looking forward to lots of creative learning taking place in our classroom.


Our topics for this year are:

Topic Title


Science Title


Gods & Mortals

History - Ancient Greece

How does your garden grow?

Parts of a plant, seed dispersal

Heroes and Villains 

Music – local/historical heroes, good vs. bad, raps and rhythms.

Mirror, Mirror

Light, reflections, shadows

Urban Pioneers

Art & Design - graffiti/street art,

Local history

Opposites Attract



Geography – river formation, water cycle, world rivers

Earth Rocks

Soil type, rocks & minerals


Science – animal/plant predators, food chains

Food & Our Bodies

Diet, muscles, bones

Tribal Tales

History – Stone Age to Iron Age

We Are Astronauts



At the beginning of each term your child will be given a pick and mix homework sheet, it is expected that all children should complete at least three of these activities each term.


We love seeing any topic work that you have completed at home and positively encourage you to bring in items relevant to the topic to share with us. 



A few photos from Henley River and Rowing Museum

Letters and information

Last Night I saw the city...


In Literacy, we have been writing poems inspired by 'Last Night, I saw the City Breathing' written by Andrew Fusek Peters.


Well done to all of the children for using figurative language in their poems!





Here are some verses of their poems (It was so difficult only picking a few!) :


Last night I saw the city breathing,

Rushing in and out,

Huffing and puffing.




Last night I saw the street lights,

Glowing like stars.

Last night I saw a broken heart,

Begging, praying, beginning to crack.




Last night I saw the city screaming,

Smashed glass got shattered.

People ran out of stations mouths.

Fireworks exploded in the air.




Last night, I heard the city singing.

Tree leaves rustled,

Shadows whispered among themselves.

Birds tweeted above the skyscrapers,

And car horns beeped in the night.





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