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Year 6

The Victorians- Revolution

The Victorians- Revolution 1

Our New Topic: Revolution.... The Victorians


Let’s hop on a steam train and travel back in time to the Victorian era! During this half term, we’ll use non-fiction books to research Victorian education and people, including famous inventors, reformers and Queen Victoria herself. Then, we’ll write non-chronological reports and biographies using a range of source materials.

We’ll write on slates, learn the three ‘Rs’ and take part in cooking, sewing and woodwork lessons, just like a child in a Victorian school. We’ll make popular Victorian dishes and play with Victorian toys. ‘Drill’ activities will have us following instructions to march, stretch and jump in formation. We’ll learn about crime and punishment and find out what life was like in a Victorian slum.

How things have changed! We’ll discover what happened during the Industrial Revolution and learn about significant

Help your child prepare for their project The Victorian era influenced the way we live now in many ways.

Why not visit a lReading museum to learn about what Victorians’ lives were like in your area? You could also visit the library to find out about local Victorian history. Alternatively, make a collage timeline of key events in the Victorian period.

Pick and Mix Homework Ideas

Day 6....... The BIG WALK!

The children used all of the skills they have been practising this week today in their "No adults allowed" walk! We dropped them off in the hills above Bala, with their lunch and a map and they had to make their way back to the centre.  (Completely unaware of our Secret squirrel survelliance, each group worked together brilliantly.)

Tonight was the DISCO, I don't know how Pete Tong does it!  They enjoyed getting dressed up and  had a blast.

 Love From a very tired DJ Satts! 

 PS See you all tomorrow

Day 5... We are all Water Babies...

What a fantastic birthday. (Thank you for all the lovely cards and gifts.)

Today was glorious, we all spent time on the lake: canoeing, sailing, Gorge walking  & S'upping! ( Stand Up Paddle boarding)

It was great seeing the children so confident in the water.

 Tonight's dinner was amazing, soup followed by Lasagne, Trish working her magic for all of our catering needs, even no cheese!

 Tonight we played on the high Ropes and learnt volleyball.

 Last full day tomorrow, followed by the DISCO!

 Photos from today:





Lake Bala

Lake Bala 1
Lake Bala 2
Lake Bala 3
Lake Bala 4
Lake Bala 5
Lake Bala 6
Lake Bala 7
Lake Bala 8
Lake Bala 9
Lake Bala 10
Lake Bala 11
Lake Bala 12
Lake Bala 13
Lake Bala 14
Lake Bala 15
Lake Bala 16
Lake Bala 17
Lake Bala 18
Lake Bala 19
Lake Bala 20
Lake Bala 21
Lake Bala 22
Lake Bala 23
Lake Bala 24
Lake Bala 25
Lake Bala 26
Lake Bala 27
Lake Bala 28
Lake Bala 29
Lake Bala 30
Lake Bala 31


Another lovely day; mining & climbing  were the order of the day. The children yet again blew me away with their enthusiasm, resilience and  words of encouragement for each other.   

 Roast turkey dinner and rice pudding (Yes they all loved it!) topped off a fabulous day. The children are having an amazing time and loving it here.  You will notice a change when you see them: the room inspections are probably the best I've ever seen at Rhos Y: beds made, rooms hoovered daily etc. 

Some photos from today:




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21

Rhos Y Gwaliau Day 3

Bright  &  sunny day on the lake for most of us today. We had a blast in the water, whether we were canoeing, paddle boarding or sailing. It was a perfect day. It was also a great day for climbing and abseiling. 

Dinner tonight was Trish's Chicken pie and amazing cheese cake. 

The children all showed the true Cookham Dean spirit of adventure and we are very proud of them. Here are some photos from today:


Canoeing Warriors

Canoeing Warriors 1
Canoeing Warriors 2
Canoeing Warriors 3
Canoeing Warriors 4
Canoeing Warriors 5
Canoeing Warriors 6


Tuesday 1
Tuesday 2
Tuesday 3
Tuesday 4
Tuesday 5
Tuesday 6
Tuesday 7
Tuesday 8
Tuesday 9
Tuesday 10
Tuesday 11
Tuesday 12
Tuesday 13
Tuesday 14
Tuesday 15
Tuesday 16
Tuesday 17
Tuesday 18
Tuesday 19
Tuesday 20
Tuesday 21
Tuesday 22
Tuesday 23
Tuesday 24
Tuesday 25
Tuesday 26
Tuesday 27
Tuesday 28
Tuesday 29
Tuesday 30
Tuesday 31
Tuesday 32

Rhos Y Gwaliau - Day Two


We have all had a great day today. We have Kayaked, Gorgewalked, Rock climbed & abseiled today. One group even went 200ft underground in the Slate mine. It has been fabulous. The weather was great with sun and only a few showers.

 Last night we had a long hill walk to tire us out! 

We loved receiving letters from family & friends tonight at tea time, but we are having a fantastic time. The food is amazing, all home cooked and delicious.

Here are a few photos from the trip so far:

The Story So Far:

The Story So Far: 1
The Story So Far: 2
The Story So Far: 3
The Story So Far: 4
The Story So Far: 5
The Story So Far: 6
The Story So Far: 7
The Story So Far: 8

Boyne Hill Church Visit

Boyne Hill Church Visit 1 We found out about the Easter story


Here are a few of the homework websites we currently use:

 Spring 2: Our New Topic I.D


 We will be discovering what makes us, us. Exploring our genetic make up and how Police investigatenising personal characteristics. a fabulous ly exciting topic and one of my favourites!


 Year 6 will visit the Natural History Musseum

Our New Topic:

Our New Topic: 1

Welcome to Year 6!


A huge welcome to the class of 2019! We are looking forward to a fabulous year: exploring the globe from the frozen North to the steamy jungles of Mexico; from the Ancient Mayans to the most up to date techniques in forensic  science and crime fighting.  Fitting in Rhos Y Gwaliau, performances  and those little things called SATs along the way.

Our Topic Web for this year looks like this:





Book we will be Studying

( It would be really helpful if your child had their own copy)

Autumn 1

A Child's War

History Focus


Anne Frank's Diary,

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian

Autumn 2

Hola Mexico

Music/ History Focus


Holes By Louis Sachar

Spring 1

Frozen Kingdom


Living Things & their Habitats

Call of the Wild Jack London

Spring 2


Science & Computing focus

Evolution & Inheritance

Wonder By R Palacio


A Blood Heart


Humans and other animals

Pig Heart Boy Malorie Blackman

Summer 2


History- Victorians

Transition & Science Enquiry

Black Beauty Anna Sewell


Our Weekly Timetable

Year 6 Welcome Handouts for Parents/ Carers

Please find below a useful list of resources for Year 6 including spelling lists and websites.



We will give Maths and Literacy homework every Friday for return on Wednesday.

  It is vital your child  reads nightly and reads aloud at least three times a week. ( Even Free Readers.) They must be able to discuss the text and more importantly their opinion of the text and author. 

Here  is a guide you could use


A Child's War

A Child's War 1

Our first topic of the term is A Chilld's War. We will be researching life both  on the home front  and that of the Germans through the eyes of a child. We shall read Anne Frank's Diary, The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas and Goodnight Mister Tom. Here is the PICK AND MIX HOMEWORK:


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