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Psalm 16 verse 11

Art & Design Technology

Art and Design 



At Cookham Dean Primary School we aim to inspire young learners with our high-quality art curriculum to think imaginatively and critically and in doing so develop creative understanding of the subject. We strive to encourage our learners to develop enthusiasm for their creative expression and their wider knowledge of the Arts and to have fun!




At our school art and design is taught through Kapow scheme of work and therefore link Art and Design  focussing on knowledge and skills stated in the National Curriculum. Art and Design is enjoyed throughout the school, including EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) which is incorporated into their daily play and exploration using a range of mediums, such as painting, drawing, wood work and expressive play. Children are offered enriching learning experiences by being exposed to a range of historical periods and cultures as well as a variety of local, national and international artists.


We ensure high standards of teaching and learning by ensuring our teaching staff have good content knowledge and a good understanding of the progression of the subject. We believe that Art and Design should be learner-centred and we embrace their creativity, interests and desire to be collaborative by implementing a constructivist approach to teaching. We encourage creativity and provide exploratory opportunities using a range of mediums include drawing, painting, printing, collage, textiles, digital media and sculpture. Within this, children examine the key elements of line, colour, texture, shape, form, space, tone and pattern. Our children are encouraged to use metacognition strategies to embrace the process and journey of creating art.




The impact of our curriculum design will lead children to have an appreciation of Art and Design and to be able to progress their skills across key stages. In doing so, they will grow their own creativity and expression and be enthusiastic learners in the subject reaching at least age-related expectations for Art and Design. This is evidenced in a range of ways including pupil voice, sketchbooks and art folders. Achievements in Art and Design are celebrated and children’s creative pieces are displayed in the classroom, corridors and hall to encourage them to take pride in their work.

Design and Technology



At Cookham Dean Primary School we believe that Design and Technology should provide opportunities for children to creatively problem solve in real-life contexts and in doing so they learn more about the world they live in. We aim to offer children enjoyable and inventive opportunities to learn how to think and plan sequentially in order to solve a problem and thus bring about change. We intend to prepare children to become an active part of this ever-changing world by developing their creativity and resourcefulness, working both individually and as part of a team.




At Cookham Dean Primary School Design and Technology is taught in every year group and is enjoyed through a variety of topics in the Cornerstones scheme of work. While teaching the skills outlined in the National Curriculum, we make cross-curricular links across the year groups to form a continuous link of knowledge and skills throughout the years. We teach the knowledge and skills for children to confidently engage in the designing, making and evaluating process and emphasis is placed on considering the function and purpose of their product.

In EYFS, children discover property of shape, material and suitability through exploration and play on a daily basis and are offered fun and investigative opportunities to explore the world they live in. They are encouraged to construct and create products by purposefully choosing tools and techniques best suited to the product they aim to create. It is through this first-hand experience and discovery that the children learn about the limitations and possibilities of different kinds of materials and techniques.




Our pupils are able to approach problems creatively and use their problem-solving strategies to consider different solutions which they apply in the world they live in. Our children are equipped with the independence and confidence to be able to apply what they have learnt to problems beyond school and therefore make a difference in the wider world. Children develop initiative, efficiency, team work, independence and resilience which they use in other areas of their lives to become well-rounded citizens.  

Art week 2019! We have had such a fun time during art week. our theme for art week is nature. We have created our own sketch books that we have taken outside during lunch and break time. We have looked at different skills and each class has created their own butterflies made from a range of materials.

Year 1 took a trip to the National Gallery to see lots of different paintings to do with the sky !

Year 1 have been looking at the artist Henri Rousseau. Can you spot our Tigers hidden in the jungle?

The whole school has taken part in a remembrance display. Children made poppies out of water bottles. We painted them with acrylic paint. The display looks beautiful.

Year 4 looked at art work inspired by Islamic art. They created their own stain glass windows.

The KS1 and EYFS art exhibition was beautiful and everyone loved looking round all the wonderful pieces of art work.

We have had so much fun during art week! Not only have we been working on our art pieces inspired by artists from different cultures but we have also had Dave the Mosaic man come to help us create beautiful mosaics, that will be hung around the school. Mrs Reekie had a go too, along with the whole school.