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Year 5  2019-2020!


Dear Parents and Children,


Important Message re. MS Teams - 14/04/2020

As we settle into more of a routine of home working, Mrs Thompson, Senora Powell and I have decided to separate the work/tasks set from the social chat in MS Teams. The children should now see that they are all in 3 different teams. The first is the original Year 5 Team. This has been renamed to Year 5 Social Space. This is where the children can continue to chat, post memes, gifs, have conversations etc ie. all the things that they were using it before with one exception - work.  After Easter we will be posting all tasks/work (except Spanish) in the Year 5 Home Learning Work Team. Please can the children use this to access both live and recorded video teaching (English/Maths), worksheets, activities, topic work, science work, RE etc \(|under the Assignments tab). This is also the Team where you post any finished work that you would like to show us. The third Team is Year 5 Spanish. This is to be used only for Spanish. Please check in here for the weekly Spanish videos, activities, worksheets etc (under the Assignments tab) and post any finished Spanish work in here. This area can also be used to contact Señora Pow should the children have any questions that they need to ask her about the Spanish work set. Please do contact us should you have any further questions.


Thank you for your continued support during this challenging time. We will still be updating the class page with the weekly home learning work (this is a duplicate of what will be displayed on MS Teams with the exception of the videos which can only be loaded on MS Teams and work which is protected by Copyright). After the Easter holidays we will be having daily live Maths (11:30) & English (10:15) sessions with a linked activity through MS Teams. 


We would recommend reading and comprehension (Bug Club and/or own book with questions), spelling - see the list, maths and a written task on a normal school day basis . Also make sure your child has time to relax and play. Everyone's positive mental health and well-being is crucial at this time. 

We wish you all the best of health and happiness until we see you again. 


Very best wishes 


Mrs Stevenson and Mrs Thompson


P.S. There is a "children's challenge" which was announced in class this morning (Thursday). When we meet back in school we will be seeing who is our fastest touch typist (see the link to Dance Mat Typing below!) There will be a prize for the fastest person on each table group and then a "Champion of Champions" prize for the fastest person in the class. Will you be faster than Mrs Stevenson (who is also secretly taking part in the competition!!)? Good luck!


Class Catch-Ups 


On Mondays and Thursdays (including during the Easter holidays) there will be a 9.45 video chat scheduled via Microsoft Teams. Please log in to find out about the activities for the week, ask any questions and to have a little catch up. See you there! Mrs Stevenson & Mrs Thompson.

Week 17 Home Learning Tasks 13/07/20

Computing resources

Week 16 Home Learning Tasks 06/07/20

History Week 11 Tudor Timeline

Spanish Home Learning

Please organise a folder or something to keep your Spanish work and sheets together - it will be really helpful over the next few weeks smiley


Your Spanish work will be posted in Teams - Year 5 Spanish - in Assignments.



Señora Pow

External Links 

Brain Break Script

Please see the document above for ideas on how to keep fit and healthy.

There will also be a daily 30 minute PE lesson with Joe Wicks (PE with Joe) on his YouTube channel, The Body Coach TV. 

Year 5 Topics


Term Topic Science Enrichment
Autumn 1 Peasants, Princes & Pestilence Properties & Changes of Materials

Tales of the Plague 

Mosque visit

Autumn 2 Stargazers Earth & Space Maidenhead Astronomical Society
Spring 1 Pharaohs Forces Tutankhamun's Treasures
Spring 2 Time Traveller Animals Including Humans Stanley Spencer Gallery
Summer 1 Beast Creator Living Things & Their Habitats Braywick
Summer 2 Off With Her Head   Ufton Court


Maths and English Non-Negotiables

Writing Documents

Spelling Documents


Outdoor games is on Tuesday and indoor PE is on Thursday.

It is helpful if PE kit is left in school as timetables can be subject to change without notice. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit including trainers. We aim to go outside every week, (even during the winter!) so please feel free to include base layers (preferably plain black), gloves and hat. Scarves are not permitted for safety reasons during games lessons although children can wear snoods. If children wear tights to school then please remember to keep a spare pair of socks in their PE bag.



We really hope to instill a 'love of reading' in Year 5 and we have a wide selection of recommended Year 5 books for the children to choose from. We ask that the children have their reading diary and reading book in school every day. It is really important that the children are reading at least 3 times a week and that they continue to read to an adult (even for a few pages). We would really appreciate parental support with asking your child about the book they are reading, in order to continue to develop their comprehension.

Throughout the year, we will be studying recommended reading texts for Year 5, during Guided Reading. Fortunately, we have some class sets of books, but we may ask if you are able to buy or borrow copies of a particular book, in order for us to be able to study a text in detail. We really appreciate your support and generosity with this.



Homework will be sent out on a Thursday and needs to be handed in on the following Thursday. The children will be given plastic folders to keep their homework in.


English & Maths

English homework will be sent home usually in paper form, but maths homework will be set online, using Mathletics.



Each week, the children will be taught a particular spelling pattern/rule from the Year 5 curriculum. The children will have opportunities to explore words with the particular pattern and daily morning spelling practice. The children have also been individually tested on year group word lists. They will be given 10 spelling words with the spelling pattern that they have been taught that week, and they will also choose 5 of the words that they need to learn from the year group word list. The children will be tested on their spellings every Friday morning and given new spellings for the following week. More information about useful spelling strategies has been included within this pack.



In addition to this, the children will have research that must be completed by Monday of the following week. This is normally given out on a Thursday and will help the children feel prepared for the topic learning ahead. They will have the opportunity to share their research with the rest of the class every Monday.


Extended Writing Prompt

On Wednesdays, the children will be given an extended writing prompt to take home and we would really appreciate it if they had an opportunity to discuss their ideas at home, ready to write on Friday.


Times tables

Every other week we will be testing the children on their times tables, and giving them a mental maths test. It is important that the children continue to practise their times tables on a weekly basis.


‘Pick n Mix’ 

We have given the children ‘Pick n Mix’ style Topic homework. We would like the children to complete at least 3 items from the list given, during each half term. We love seeing any topic work that the children have completed at home and encourage them to bring these in when they are completed to share with the class.

Year 5 Photos 2019-2020

Tales of the Plague Visit

Science - Chemical Change

A very rainy PE lesson! A VERY competitive round of Shove Ha'penny!

Science - Mass vs. Weight

Science - Friction Experiment

Inter-class Netball Tournament

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