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Bug Club has arrived at Cookham Dean!  


Since the start of this term, you may have noticed your children coming home with a new type of reading book. These are books from our new Bug Club reading scheme which is being used throughout the school.  


The children will be reading Bug Club books and using Bug Club books for guided reading and reading comprehension activities and the teachers will be using Bug Club reading assessments to assess your children’s progress and reading attainment. 


The Bug Club scheme provides the children with a user name and password so they can participate in online reading activities and games at home. The children will access Bug Club via the Active Learn Primary Website, where they can select activities of their choice. 


Teachers will be allocating electronic reading books to all children in their classes so look out for your children’s usernames and passwords coming home and then check the website for their allocations and activities.  


The teachers will be receiving Bug Club training in the spring term to ensure that we use the scheme and online resources to their full potential.


This link gives parents access to lots of free resources and information:
- free resources, for example, common exception word flashcards and powerpoints
- free online games
- information about phonics, multisensory activities for home and the screening test
- how monster phonics works
- additional topical resources


Here is a link to our Meet the Monsters Video which will be useful to parents too.


Mysterious door arrives at school!


On Friday 7th December 2018, in the wind and rain, a mysterious door appeared just outside the main school gates. How it got there was a complete mystery to the staff and children…


At drop off time the door created quite a commotion with children and parents asking lots of questions to try to work out how it had got there, who put it there, why it was there and how long it would be there.


An emergency assembly was called so that we could share our ideas, discuss the door and to see if anyone had any pertinent information as to why the door had appeared. Each class then went and investigated the door further, touching it, seeing if it opened and looking to see if there was a lock. There was even a suggestion that we may need to call the police!


The children then returned to their classrooms to further discuss their ideas and then use the ideas as a stimulus for their writing.

The reception children wrote simple phrases about what could be behind the mysterious door and they had a vote on whether we should open the door or not.

Years One, Two, Three, Four and Six wrote stories about opening the door and what could be behind the door and Year 5 wrote an investigative newspaper article on the doors appearance.

Parents came into school to work with their children and share their thoughts and ideas on how the door came to be outside Cookham Dean.


There was a buzz of curiosity and excitement about the mystery door throughout the school all day, how long it stays nobody knows!

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Mystery Reader!


Key Stage One will be starting ‘Mystery Reader’ from January 2019.


The aim of ‘Mystery Reader’ is to show children that adults love reading too so we would like to invite parents, grandparents or other family members to come into their child's class to read a children's story. This could be a book you particularly enjoyed reading when you were growing up, a current children's book brought from home or a book selected from the school library. The children will not know who is coming into their class for each session so it will be a surprise when their reader arrives.


We will be having ‘Mystery Reader’ sessions on Mondays, 2.50pm-3.10pm. If you would like to come in to be a mystery reader then please speak to Miss Bond or Miss Windle to book your slot.

We look forward to seeing you and hearing your stories!

Hearing Your Child Read


Thank you to those parents who were able to attend our session aimed to give you ideas on how to help your child to read at home. For those unable to attend, we have attached the powerpoint presentation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see either Mrs Reekie, Mrs Holt, Mrs Slater or Mrs Crook


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