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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


Your teachers for year one are Ms MacDonald and Miss Windle. Miss Windle will be teaching year one all day on a Monday and Tuesday mornings. Ms MacDonald will be teaching year one for the rest of the week except Wednesday afternoons- Miss Windle and Mrs Reekie will alternate every other Wednesday afternoon. Your teaching assistant for year 1 is Mrs Knowles- Leak who will be working with us on Monday and Tuesday morning and then all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Below you will find a list of the exciting topics we are learning about this year! As a class we are very excited to learn and discover new things that we have planned for our time in year one.



Topic title  

Focus                                 Science focus

Dinosaur Planet- Autumn Term 1

History                                   Biology                                                              Humans                                                             and animals

Moon Zoom term- Autumn Term 2

Science                                  Physics


Bright Lights, Big City- Spring Term 1

Art and Design                     Chemistry                                                          Materials

Paws Claws Whiskers-Spring Term 2

Geography                          Biology                                                              Plants                                                           

Splendid Skies- Summer Term 1

Science                               Physics                                                            Electricity

Enchanted Woods- Summer Term 2

History/Science                    Physics                                                        Sound 


Year One will be doing PE inside on Monday afternoons and outside on Friday afternoons. Please make sure the children have their PE kits in school every day just incase they are needed for additional activities.

Useful Information


Below you will find lots of information that will help with home learning and support activities for all of our topics.

Pillow Polo!

This week, Year One took part in a Pillow Polo Festival along with children from other schools in the local area. Pillow Polo is similar to hockey but due to the design of the sticks it is much safer for younger children. The children learnt lots of different Pillow Polo skills and techniques and then took part in some friendly matches against other schools.  The children enjoyed Pillow Polo so much the school is investigating how we can integrate it into the PE curriculum.

Dinosaur Planet!

Our first topic of the year has been very exciting, we have learnt lots of interesting facts about dinosaurs and we have even been on a dinosaur hunt!

On our dinosaur hunt we found dinosaur bones and dinosaur eggs, they even hatched!

Our Trip to Tring Natural History Museum

We have had a fantastic trip to Tring, we learnt all about fossils and how they are made and we saw lots of different types of animals, they were all stuffed!

Moon Zoom!



Bright Lights, Big City!
English- Writing & Handwriting
English- Reading & Spelling

Monster Phonics: 


Monster Phonics Home Learning Ideas: 


This link gives parents access to lots of free resources and information: 


- free resources, for example, common exception word flashcards and powerpoints 

- free online games 

- information about phonics, multisensory activities for home and the screening test 

- how monster phonics works 

- additional topical resources 


Meet the Monsters... 

Useful Websites

Mystery Readers Needed!

The aim of ‘Mystery Reader’ is to show children that adults love reading too so we would like to invite parents, grandparents or other family members to come into their child's class to read a children's story. This could be a book you particularly enjoyed reading when you were growing up, a current children's book brought from home or a book selected from the school library. The children will not know who is coming into their class for each session so it will be a surprise when their reader arrives.

We will be having ‘Mystery Reader’ sessions on Mondays, 2.50pm-3.10pm. If you would like to come in to be a mystery reader then please speak to Ms MacDonald or Miss Windle to book your slot.

We look forward to seeing you and hearing your stories!

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