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Hello everyone

Welcome to Year 4 - 2019/2020




Dear Parents and Children,


Important Message re. MS Teams – 01/06/20

As we return back from the half term and back into the routine of home working, I have decided to separate the work/tasks set from the social chat in MS Teams. The children should now see that they are all in 2 different teams. The first is the Year 4 Class Work Team (originally Year 4 General) and a new team – Year 4 Social Space. This is where the children can continue to chat, post memes, gifs, have conversations etc ie. all the things that they were using it before with one exception - work. All of the work will be uploaded into files in the Year 4 Class Work Team, including any work from Señora Pow. All recorded lessons and pre-recorded lessons will be found in the chat feed.

As the school begins to open for some classes, year 4 and 5 have decided to change the timings of our lessons. From tomorrow 2nd June 2020, Year 4 will be having Maths lessons at 09.45 and English will be at 11.00.

Thank you for your continued support during this challenging time. I will still be updating the class page with the weekly home learning work (this is a duplicate of what will be displayed on MS Teams).

I would recommend reading and comprehension (Bug Club and/or own book with questions), spelling - see the list, maths and a written task on a normal school day basis . Also make sure your child has time to relax and play. Everyone's positive mental health and well-being is crucial at this time. 

I wish you all the best of health and happiness until I see you again. 


Very best wishes 


Miss Thompson


Our topics for this year are:

Topic Title


Science Title

   I am Warrior


 Biology - Animals including humans

   Misty Mountains


 Physics - Electricity



 Physics - Sound

   Blue Abyss

  Art & Design -

 Biology - Living things and habitats

   Traders and Raiders


 Chemistry - States of Matter



Chemistry - Science all around


We love seeing any topic work that you have completed at home and  encourage you to bring in relevant items for "Show & Tell." Please note that all topic books should be put into the homework tray every Wednesday, even if you haven't completed any of the pick and mix topic work that week.





SCIENCE HOME LEARNING 01 JUNE 2020 - Please see Teams for Power point - Too large to upload here

COMPUTING HOME LEARNING 01 JUNE 2020 - Power point is in Teams as too large to upload

Spanish Home Learning

Please organise a folder or something to keep your Spanish work and sheets together - it will be really helpful over the next few weeks.


You'll find your work and worksheets in Teams - Year 4 - in Assignments.



Señora Pow

End of term inter-house hockey tournament

The Romans and Celts came to school.

We found out how difficult it was making Celtic roundhouses!

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