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Dear Parents and Children


Thank you so much for your kind messages and photos.  We absolutely love seeing pictures of what you have been doing.  We are really pleased that the videos are helpful and that they give you the chance to 'see' us every day and  work with us in our 'virtual classroom'.

To the children - We are so proud of you all and think you are doing a brilliant job of carrying on your learning at home.  We really miss seeing your happy faces and send you all a big hug!!


We are just an email away if you have any problems or questions.


Take care everyone


Mrs Crook and Mrs Holt

The new learning environment for Summer 2020

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Summer Term 6

Home learning Week 1

Maths Summer 2 Week 1

Phonics & Handwriting Summer 2 Week 1


Useful websites and Apps:



Monster phonics have given us free parent access, details below.

Username - parents

Password - homelearning


 We are currently working on Reception Term 3 and would be due to start week 4 on Monday 23rd March  (free access)    

Username: march20

Password: home

A website that gives you information, flash cards and games for phonics. We’re currently working at Phase 3 and 4


Reading :

Bug Club

School code: ktjp


Reading eggs App – free 30 day trial


Writing: (letter formation and spellings)

Writing Wizard App




Use your mathletics log ins to access video lessons and games

Practice addition facts and number bonds.


mathseed app – free 30 day trial



Physical Development:

  • Cosmic yoga (youtube)
  • PE with Joe Wicks (online) every weekday at 9am.
  • 5 minute move with The Body Coach (youtube)





Use your Purple Mash (MiniMash) login to play games

Twinkl are offering parents free access to learning resources.

To access the free offer, you will need to visit and log in as a new to Twinkl member using your email address, set up a password and use the code: UKTWINKLHELPS

Online games - some tablet friendly, but others need Flash.

Videos, games and activities linked to their favourite characters.

This website gives parents lots of free simple and fun ideas to promote all areas of learning.

Lots of free resources at Orchard Toys Online.

Lots of fun indoor crafts, activites, apps, etc.





  • Numberblocks
  • Alphablocks
  • Story Time From Space

YouTube video clips from Mr T does phonics Please review Phase 2 & 3 Phonics sounds, digraphs and trigraphs learned so far.

Alphablocks videos to support phonics.




Instagram accounts with lots of great ideas for learning & play at home:


  • @beckys_treasure_baskets  
  • @fiveminutemum




Parents have been issued with emails for staff.  If you are having difficulty with something, do contact us and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Our very best wishes.

Stay safe and well!


Mrs Crook and Mrs Holt


Welcome to Reception!


In reception we believe in providing a safe and stimulating environment where all children con flourish.  We believe that each child is unique and that children learn best when playing and learning are combined. We know that the most successful learners are happy, confident, curious, motivated and engaged. We provide a nurturing environment which reflects our core values and interests of our children, develops skills for now and success in the future and offers challenges so that children are able to achieve their full potential.


Our Team

Your class teachers are Mrs Crook and Mrs Holt.


Mrs Crook will be teaching Mondays, Tuesdays & alternate Wednesday afternoons.

Mrs Holt will be teaching alternate Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays and Fridays.

Mrs Sheppard and Mrs Duncan are our class teaching assistants and will be with us Monday-Friday.

Wednesday mornings will be taught by Mrs Reekie & Miss Windle


Our topics for this year are:


Autumn 1 Do you want to be friends?
Autumn 2

Why do squirrels hide their nuts?

What happens when I fall asleep?

Spring 1 Why can't I have chocolate for breakfast?
Spring 2 Will you read me a story?
Summer 1 Why do zebras have stripes?
Summer 2 What can you see in summer?



We will cover each topic through a mixture of teacher-led whole class learning, small group or 1:1 teacher-led activities and continuous provision related to the topic that allows the children to learn more through independent, group or individual play. On top of this there will be visits to Forest School, daily phonics sessions, weekly music and RE sessions and two PE sessions a week (on Mondays and Thursdays for this term). Children can come to school in PE kit on PE days. These can also be worn on other days.


We conclude most topics where possible with an 'Express'. Parents are invited into the classroom so that the children can share with them some of the things that they have learnt during their topic.


As we move through the term, we will update the page with photos and highlights from the topic.


If you haven't already done so, have a look at our curriculum map below for more detail on what your child will be learning during their time in Reception.

Curriculum Overview for EYFS

Autumn Term 1 - Do you want to be friends?


This is a great topic to start the school year as it explores what friendship looks like, the new setting, how to be a good friend and how to take care of each other. We will read lots of stories about friendship and base our learning, in all areas of the curriculum, around these stories, giving the children the chance to play together, get to know their new school and each other. 

Autumn 2 - Why do squirrels hide their nuts?


During this topic, we will find out all about the seasonal changes we see as we move into Autumn and then Winter.  The children will listen and respond to stories about woodland animals and will find out about how different animals prepare for the cooler months. Which animals hibernate for the winter?  Where do they go?  How do they know when it is time to wake up?  We will make careful observations to discover patterns, similarities and differences in the natural environment.   A trip to Braywick will bring all this learning together and enrich the children's understanding of our natural world.

Spring 1 - Why can't I have chocolate for breakfast?


During this topic we will take a close look the things we eat and how they can affect our health and well-being by investigating a wide variety of foods.  We will take scientific look at the changing state of foods by cooking, melting, mixing and freezing. This will be complimented by our chocolate workshop which will delve into the science and ignite our imaginations. Finally we will research where different foods come from, how they are grown/produced and also how we can keep our bodies healthy by eating a balanced diet. 

Spring 2 - Will you read me a story?


Was the big bad wolf really that bad? How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks really eat?

Our new topic will take us deep into the exciting world of story telling and fairy tales. We will be exploring fairy tale characters, goodies, baddies, homes and castles, magic, fantasy, writing and telling stories.

Additional information and resources


Bug Club

Phonics and Letter formation

45 High Frequency Words - for Reception





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Tel: 01628 482734.