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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Picture 1 We had a circle time to discuss being inclusive.
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Our Spring Topic: Frozen Kingdom

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Welcome to the planet’s coldest lands, which are incredibly beautiful, yet often deadly. This half term, we’ll start by making and observing icebergs. We’ll then find out more about them using non-fiction books. We’ll learn technical vocabulary so we can write reports in the role of engineers.

Using globes and maps, we’ll identify the polar regions, comparing the Arctic and Antarctic. We’ll also think about how we can protect the polar environment.

Then, we’ll investigate the tragic story of the RMS Titanic, and find out about the people on board. We’ll download images of polar features and save our information in digital folders.

When we’re more familiar with the polar regions, we’ll write exciting stories, poems and diary entries from the perspective of brave explorers.

Researching our favourite polar animals will be fun, and we’ll create animal artwork inspired by the Inuit people.

We’ll experiment with digital photography and create amazing effects using paints and dyes. At the end of the ILP, we’ll present what we have learned and construct a large-scale model of an igloo!


Help your child prepare for their project This half term, we’re going to learn about the coldest places on Earth. Why not watch a documentary such as the BBC Frozen Planet series together?

You could also freeze pieces of fruit with fruit juice in lolly moulds, to create frozen treats with a hidden surprise. Alternatively, work together to create a snowy collage.


We have been exploring the wonderful of electricity, making circuit and discovering how things work.


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Our Autumn 2 topic will be exploring the sights and sounds of Mexico.

A huge welcome to the class of 2019!   Myself and Mrs Presant ( AKA The Dream Team!) are looking forward to a fabulous year: exploring the globe from the frozen North to the steamy jungles of Mexico; from the Ancient Mayans to the most up to date techniques in forensic  science and crime fighting.  Fitting in Rhos Y Gwaliau, performances  and those little things called SATs along the way.

Our Topic Web for this year looks like this:





Book we will be Studying

( It would be really helpful if your child had their own copy)

Trips/ enhancement

British/ Christian Values

Autumn 1

A Child's War

History Focus


Anne Frank's Diary,

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian

Holdenby House WW2 experience 9th

Ww2 evacuee visit week 2


Rule of law





Autumn 2

Hola Mexico

Music/ History Focus

Living Things & their Habitats

Holes By Louis Sachar

British museum? 18th Nov

Community Joy

Democracy – Mayan Voting

Rule of law Mayan

Spring 1

Frozen Kingdom


Classifying living thing

Call of the Wild Jack London





Spring 2


Science & Computing focus

Evolution & Inheritance

Wonder By R Palacio

Natural History Museum

Rule of law





A Blood Heart


Humans and other animals

Pig Heart Boy Malorie Blackman




Summer 2


History- Victorians


 Oliver Twist Charles Dickens

Black Beauty Anna Sewell

Science museum

Reading Victorian Classroom




Here are a few of the homework websites we currently use:

Our Weekly Timetable

Year 6 Welcome Handouts for Parents/ Carers

Please find below a useful list of resources for Year 6 including spelling lists and websites.



We will give Maths and Literacy homework every Friday for return on Wednesday.

  It is vital your child  reads nightly and reads aloud at least three times a week. ( Even Free Readers.) They must be able to discuss the text and more importantly their opinion of the text and author. 

Here  is a guide you could use


A Child's War

A Child's War 1

Our first topic of the term is A Chilld's War. We will be researching life both  on the home front  and that of the Germans through the eyes of a child. We shall read Anne Frank's Diary, The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas and Goodnight Mister Tom. Here is the PICK AND MIX HOMEWORK:


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