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Intent of curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages

Through the teaching of languages at Cookham Dean Primary School, we aim to establish the foundations of learning how to learn a language- language learning strategies and enable pupils to develop an appreciation of how languages work - knowledge about language. We recognise that language learning has three core strands - oracy, literacy and intercultural understanding. We aim to give pupils opportunities to make substantial progress in the speaking and writing skills of one language and to express themselves with increasing confidence, independence and creativity. Through language education, pupils will be given the knowledge and cultural capital they need to deepen their understanding of the world. Our language lessons are delivered in a fun, interactive and engaging way to help foster an enthusiasm and interest in language learning that is accessible to all. The development of communication skills, together with understanding of the structure of languages and an awareness of another culture should lay the foundations for future studies in KS3 and life beyond school.

Implementation of curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages


All children begin learning Spanish in Year 3 in discrete 45 minute lessons as part of their weekly timetable. Additionally, children in KS1 may opt to take part in Spanish Club, which is offered in lunchtime for beginners and improvers.  All of the Spanish taught at Cookham Dean is delivered by a specialist teacher, which ensures excellent teacher subject knowledge and the best possible outcomes for the children.

Language learning is taught through interactive songs and rhymes, games and role-play as well as speaking, reading and written work.  During Year 6 there will be an introduction to French.  The language teacher will make a judgement as to when to finish the Spanish course and begin the French taster. It is expected that French will be taught for at least 1 term. Our intention is that children should find they are well prepared for the languages that they are likely to encounter, in our local schools, in Key Stage 3.

A Yearly overview for each year group ensures progressive coverage working from word level to sentence level, building up to children in Year 6 being able to read and write longer paragraphs of text. The subject leader and the teacher of MFL have developed the curriculum to include knowledge of phonemes, key verbs and high frequency vocabulary as well as plan for themes and contexts, which are engaging and interesting to the children.  The content has been guided by The Association of Language Learning to ensure it is relevant and the best possible outcomes are achievable.  Wherever possible cross curricular links are made so that Spanish can be brought into other subject areas by the class teacher and links between cornerstones topics being taught by the class teacher can be developed by the Spanish teacher.  Opportunities are carefully planned to allow for repeated practise and the spacing of learning so that skills become embedded and knowledge of language structures and vocabulary is transferred to long term memories.  We plan in this way so that Knowledge becomes “sticky” and this results in children knowing more and remembering more.  The MFL teacher is responsible for medium and short term planning and evaluates the curriculum content regularly, particularly at the end of a school year.

Impact of the curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages

At Cookham Dean, the MFL curriculum is high quality, well thought out and is planned to ensure clear progression over four years. Language is a valued part of the knowledge, skills and experiences we provide in KS2 and children are often very keen and confident to continue with language learning in KS3.  Since beginning this specialist, timetabled provision, a very high percentage of children at Cookham Dean achieve expected and above in the end of key stage assessments for language.  Children are enthusiastic language learners and can recognise the progress made and are rightly proud of their achievements.


Through the implementation of our Spanish curriculum we are able to see the impact in the following ways -


  • Children are able to communicate with each other in Spanish.
  • Children become aware that a language has a structure, and that the structure differs from one language to another.
  • Children develop their language through development of the four key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • Children enrich their language learning by developing an understanding of the Spanish culture.
  • Children learn how language skills can be applied to a range of languages.
  • Children transfer to KS3 effectively and successfully and are well prepared to continue and develop their language skills.
  • Children enjoy and have a positive attitude towards language learning.



Spanish Club


We are able to offer a Spanish club which is run by Mrs Pow.  There are two lunchtime clubs of 30 minutes each for Beginners and Improvers.  Please email the office for more information.

Useful links


If your child enjoys learning languages and wants to learn more at home, the following web links are  recommended.