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Cookham Dean CE Primary School

Where we all flourish

You make known to me the path of life.
Psalm 16 verse 11

Visions and Values

Our Christian Values


Cookham Dean CE Primary School is a school where children, teachers, parents and governors flourish.  The children are encouraged to be enthusiastic learners who persevere and collaborate to achieve their goals, in a safe and caring environment underpinned by our Christian values of:


friendship, peace, endurance, trust, forgiveness, joy and community.


Cookham Dean Primary School is a family of learning at the heart of the community.
It is built on Christian Values that help us:-
  • Care and share
  • Create a safe, happy and friendly place
  • Encourage curiosity and creativity
  • Nurture children and staff for their journey through life
  • Develop responsibility and respect
  • Inspire the very best in all of us


British Values

We continuously remind children of the importance of our British values and how we demonstrate these within our school. We ensure that children are given opportunities to develop their self esteem, take responsibility for their behaviour, respect each other's opinions and differences. We do this through a variety of ways including through our curriculum, our expectations, our extra-curricular activities and being good role models so that children leave Cookham Dean as model British citizens.


6Rs (Resilience, Responsibility, Readiness, Resourcefulness, Respect and Reflectiveness)


In addition to our Christian and British values, the children are encouraged to adopt the principals of the 6Rs in terms of their behaviour for learning.  We promote the 6Rs in all lessons and the children who have shown the 6Rs are celebrated in our assembly on Friday and noted in our weekly newsletter.


Fixed and Growth Mindset

We understand that children develop at different rates but it is their attitude towards their learning which will enable them to progress.  We encourage all children to have a growth mindset which means that they understand that it is OK to 'be stuck' but we should keep trying until we are successful.  This is supported by different learning strategies in the classroom including support from adults and peers.


Our children are polite, confident and considerate of their peers and adults. They respect themselves, other people and their environment. They are challenged to meet their full potential, both academically and spiritually by staff committed to inspiring pupils through an outstanding curriculum that encourages independence. By being good role models who hold high personal and professional standards, the staff provide pupils with the skills and values needed for lifelong learning.